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We are proud to announce a major milestone:  the 50th Anniversary issue of the Journal of Orgonomy. First published in November, 1967, the Journal has continued a tradition of excellence for half a century, consistently presenting groundbreaking articles on the orgonomic sciences. The Anniversary issue was thoughtfully put together with the interests of our readers in mind and is a rich collection of previously published Journal articles on orgone therapy accessible to medical and non-medical audiences alike.

The articles in Volume 1 focus on the treatment of children and adolescents, pregnancy and parenting, with an emphasis on the emotional health of children. Volume 2 includes adult patient presentations illustrating how medical orgone therapy profoundly improved the quality of life, in almost every case without the use of medication. All articles, written by medical orgone therapists and psychologists trained by the ACO, give practical examples of how medical orgone therapy effectively addressed and treated emotional problems that still resonate in today’s world.

Don’t miss out on this important historical issue and the wealth of articles it holds. To receive both volumes of the 50th Anniversary issue of the Journal of Orgonomy, subscribe or renew your subscription below or call our office at (732) 821-1144.

Edward Chastka, M.D.
Director of Promotions


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