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Property Improvement Project Update (Continued from previous page.)

Please see the First Annual ACO Summer Picnic Photos Below.

Now, with the coming of autumn, we are moving into Phase II of the Project. As stated in my 2012 Summer Appeal and Report, our total estimated current needs for Phase II in 2012 is $32,400. With the $30,800 in contributions received since July, we have almost reached that goal. We are proceeding with the studies necessary to acquire permits to develop our drainage project, which is the first step toward refurbishing our driveway/parking area, for which we will need an additional $23,000 by Summer 2013. Please send your donation or sign up as a member donor so that we can accomplish what we've set out to do with this project.

Our property improvement is about having a safe and secure home for our core functions. Attracting new people to our training programs to sustain and continue them is the key to our ongoing survival, success and growth.  In order to accomplish this we need to expand our contact with a larger audience of those people who may be interested in our work.  Having the best possible home for this to take place is what this venture is all about.  We are already seeing some of the effects we hoped from this project as proposals for several possible new events, presentations and courses open to the public that we might hold at our home have spontaneously emanated from orgonomists, volunteers and staff.  Stay tuned for more news about these activities as we expand what we do at the ACO.

We thank you for the great response to our appeal and look forward to your continued support.


Peter A. Crist, M.D.


First Annual ACO Summer Picnic Photos - August 26, 2012

Property Improvement Project

Property Improvement Project

Property Improvement Project Property Improvement Project
Property Improvement Project Property Improvement Project