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The Journal

Current Issue Volume 53:1 and 2

The Journal of Orgonomy
Innovative, Intelligent, Insightful.
Journal of Orgonomy Volume 53 no. 1&2

This double edition features a treasure trove of informative articles including exciting perspectives on both the history of medical orgone therapy and social orgonomy; wide-ranging examples of the emotional plague in everyday life; a revelatory excerpt from Dr. Lore Reich Rubin’s soon to be published book about her life as the daughter of Wilhelm Reich; reprints from the past that are relevant to today such as Dr. Ola Raknes’s views on the concept of orgonotic health and Dr. Salvatore Iacobello’s perspective on the crisis in modern psychiatry; and the complete script of Dr. Charles Konia’s epic play, On the Shoulders of A Giant which imagines a modern-day encounter between Wilhelm Reich and Sigmund Freud. This is also the final issue to be overseen by Dr. Konia, who has served in the role of editor since 1993 when he edited Volume 27 no. 1, the Spring/Summer issue. Dr. Howard Chavis will take on that role starting with the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 54.

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Featured Journal Article
Orgonomic First Aid in the Elderly
JOO Volume 20:2
by Howard Chavis, M.D.

Featured Journal Article for September 2019
"The Importance of Correct Diagnosis"
by Philip Heller, M.D. JOO, volume 37, number 2 Read 

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The Journal contains a rich collection of articles that follow developments in the sciences of medical, social and physical orgonomy, and there are many case studies describing the treatment of individual patients with medical orgone therapy. Other articles address how orgonomic principles can be applied to everyday life and its challenges such as raising healthy children, teen drug use, and love, marital and work relationships. The articles are written so that they are accessible to medical and non-medical audiences alike and give readers a point of view that is as unique as it is valuable. The Journal carries no advertising and each issue has a uniform binding. Most subscribers keep all issues and consider them an excellent addition to their reference library and a legacy that can be passed down to future generations.

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