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If you have the feeling that there has to be more to life, or if you have tried various therapies before without success, medical orgone therapy may be what you have been searching for. Medical orgone therapy is a very effective treatment for many emotional problems. It has been shown to provide true change for people suffering with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, to name a few. There is also evidence that this treatment holds promise for people suffering with Tourette's Syndrome, ADHD, childhood disorders, anorexia and bulimia.

“What is special about a medical orgone therapist?”

Medical orgone therapists trained by the American College of Orgonomy have completed a residency in psychiatry (some have also done fellowships in child and adolescent psychiatry) and have had post-graduate training in medical orgone therapy at the American College of Orgonomy. The experience of most people after their first evaluation meeting with a certified medical orgone therapist is to come away with the feeling, “That doctor really understands me. He gets me.” Establishing genuine contact with the patient is a hallmark of Medical Orgone Therapy. Without this, no treatment can proceed with a successful result. In the matter of treating children, medical orgone therapists work extensively and closely with the parents of children they treat. Children do not live in a vacuum and a child’s parents are always a vital part of the treatment process.

People who have been in medical orgone therapy for a period of time talk about feeling actual relief after their sessions and one hears them say, “Why didn’t I know about this before?” Medical orgone therapy provides what one patient referred to as “true change.” And if a patient feels that therapy is proceeding too slowly or not at all the medical orgone therapist welcomes the patient saying so.

“I’m tired of being on medication. I can’t feel my emotions any longer. I can’t cry. My sex drive is gone and I just know there has to be something more.”

Medical orgone therapists have extensive experience helping patients decrease and/or discontinue medications. They are there to help the patient deal, effectively, with the emotions that may emerge as the medication dosage is lowered. Some patients have sought out medical orgone therapy solely for the purpose of being able to stop medications they have been on for years.

“What else can I expect from medical orgone therapy?”

In the course of the therapy patients become aware of attitudes and behaviors they have developed over time to keep themselves from feeling their own emotions. They may see how they talk and relate to others that get in the way of their relationships and often become aware of the ways they physically hold emotions in.

When medical orgone therapists work with the attitudes and behaviors of their patients we say they are working with their patients’ character, which is the total of all the healthy and non-healthy ways the person relates and interacts with others. Medical orgone therapists have extensive training in what is called character analysis, a technique of therapy that helps the patient see all the attitudinal and behavior ways they defend themselves from their feelings, as described above. These defenses are seen as a kind of protective armor, hence the term character armor. The physical ways patients defend themselves, as described above, is referred to as muscular armor. That is, the musculature of the body is used and integrated with the character armor to keep the patient from feelings that would overwhelm them. While both of these kinds of armor serve a protective function, they also constrict and interfere with the patient’s life.

As patients become aware of all the ways they protect themselves from being overwhelmed with feelings, both physical and psychological, they begin to have some of these long held-back emotions come to the surface and experience relief for the first time in their lives.

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