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President's Message (PDF)

December 27, 2021

Dear Friends of the ACO:

This time of year gives us holidays for acknowledging our thanks as well as for giving and receiving gifts. We have so much to be thankful for at the ACO. We can’t thank you enough for your monetary gifts as well as your gifts of time and energy. Those gifts are helping us find new ways to share our functional knowledge.

Several times we’ve used this picture of the children with a sled loaded with presents. One time we said, “Like the children in the picture, the American College of Orgonomy has a load of gifts, gifts the world desperately needs.” We also used the picture to describe our sense of momentum. The picture continues to resonate with our work at the ACO as our momentum has continued to build year after year.

In a world with so much bad news, we need some good news. We need go no further than you, the friends of the ACO, to find it. Your generosity has been amazing over the past year. With it you continue to help us build momentum in carrying our gifts to the world. And in a world clouded by so much confusion and darkness, especially over the past two years, you are rays of sunshine that help us continue to shine a beacon of functional knowledge in the darkness.

Every year we have more and more to report. This year, notably, our outreach is developing thanks to the popular ACO Case Presentation Webinar Series and our engagement with a local design and marketing firm. We’ve also made exciting changes at the ACO campus in preparation for when we can return to our educational activities there. The support from our donors this year has been astounding. For the first time we can begin to lay a long-term financial foundation for our work that will reduce our year-to-year struggle. Your ongoing support allows us to hire professionals to free up the orgonomists to do the work that only they can do.

I’ve been particularly moved by the significance of our holidays and how they relate to our work and your support. I look forward to sharing those reflections in the 2021 President’s Message and Annual Report, which will be coming to you soon.

In the meantime, in this season of gift-giving we appreciate your continued support.

You may still find tax advantages by making a donation before December 31st.

Thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year.

Peter A. Crist, M.D., President

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